5 Important Things to Consider When Selecting New Kitchen Cabinets

5 Important Things to Consider When
Selecting New Kitchen Cabinets

Deciding on cabinetry options when building a new home or renovating an existing home can be a challenge.  Choosing to work with an architectural designer to create a custom crafted kitchen can resolve many of your questions and concerns as they guide you through the process from start to finish. At C & C Woodworking located in Naples, Florida, our Architectural Designer John S. Everett states “Don’t design cabinetry, design a kitchen.” He has a turnkey approach to kitchen design which revolves around various facets relating to structure and design. Here are five tips to consider when planning your next kitchen design project.


#1 Physical Integration

Design for efficient and effective use of the entire area. By choosing custom crafted cabinetry you allow for creative design which can better integrate your overall plan. Stock or semi-custom cabinet boxes are not tailored to odd spaces with can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. No fillers mean less lost space resulting in increased functionality.

#2 User Preferences

You should go through your kitchen and ask yourself a few questions.  What do you like and dislike about the layout of your current kitchen? Do you have a preference on the height of your cabinets and countertops? Where should those favorite dishes reside and how often do you use them? Do you need specific sized cabinet shelving for special items? Our current kitchen layout and its flaws and joys should be crafted into your dream kitchen design.

#3 Existing Survey & Projected Use

Design your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Kitchens are a big part of our lives and they should suit you and your personality and serve you functionally. John also suggests that you look into the next 10 years and make sure that your kitchen design concept will withstand the test of time. The design should consider usage. Do you entertain? Will there be kids or grandkids running through it? Do you have pets? Should you factor the resale equation into your design choices?


#4 Architectural Style of Your Home

Contemporary themed kitchen cabinet design
Design books and showrooms offer style choices which may convince you of a look or feel, but how does that style cabinet or moulding work with the rest of your home? You want to feel an ease of transition from room to room. The materials you choose need to add to the home’s architectural style and your kitchen designer should work hand in hand with your builder to ensure a complete home design which encompasses not only the cabinetry but also the lighting, appliances, fixtures and more.

#5 Theme Based Design

Choosing to go with a theme based design can be fun and add character to a home. Whether it is Caribbean or contemporary, the chosen theme should suit the architectural style of the rest of your home. A well-established theme which compliments the architectural style can offer that WOW factor which sells a home quickly. An outdated or unsuitable theme can potentially affect the return on your investment if you decide to sell your home in the future.

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