C&C Woodworking Talks History and Innovation in Tools

C&C Woodworking wants you to know that woodworking is possibly the single-most important skill in the history of civilization.

No, we aren’t just saying that.

You could argue that farming and animal domestication were more important, but without basic woodworking, we would not have had tools to till the land, train the animals, and build fences to maintain our livestock. We also wouldn’t have had the shelter to keep us safe.

Woodworking and woodworking tools helped shape civilization, and it’s a universal skill that is still used today. While the tools, purpose, and techniques have changed, woodworking remains an important part of our shared history…

The History of Woodworking Tools

Woodworking is old. There is strong evidence that wood was the first material used by ancient man, as early as four million years ago. While the first wooden tool was probably a simple stick, we eventually used tools to shape and carve the wood to our desire.

Woodworking is universal. There is no civilization on the planet that hasn’t used wood in some form or another. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, and everyone else made wood a central building material for their society.

Woodworking is versatile. Throughout the ages, wood has been used for nearly every purpose you can think of. It has been used in transportation, housing, weaponry, eating utensils, furniture, clothing, and more.

There’s no doubt that woodworking is important to history, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the right tools.

Essential Tools Throughout History

While there are thousands, if not millions of different tools that have been created, we can identify a few basic tools that have been essential for centuries, as well as a few that have made woodworking more efficient since their invention.

The hammer and nail is one of the most obvious woodworking tools. Both have evolved alongside each other, and each has remained an essential part of the woodworking process. While wooden nails were used for years, metal nails are now the staple of the industry. By the early 20th century, the round-headed nail that we all know was invented.

Chisels have been used for centuries to accurately modify wood. They can be built in many different shapes to give the wood a rounded edge, a straight angle, or a decorative design. Chisels were used by many civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians.

The plane is another important woodworking tool, especially for skilled woodworkers creating hand-crafted pieces. The plane is essentially a sharp metal blade encased in a holding box, often made of wood. These tools are found in ancient Roman ruins, but they remain important for woodworkers today.

Major Breakthroughs in Woodworking Tools

Throughout the years, there have been many important innovations in woodworking. Ironically enough, one of the most recent and innovative tools is the CNC Routing Machine. In fact, we put one of the best CNC Machines to work at our shop in Naples, Florida. There are too many to list in one article, but we’d like to point out a few that we find interesting. First of all, the first sawmill was built in 1663 in a site near England. Although they didn’t have a major impact for decades, this advancement allowed woodworkers to get wood materials in the correct size and shape for their needs.

The circular saw, another major advancement, was first invented by Sam Miller in 1777. Although the use of a rotating saw blade was used for years, the British patent names Miller as the creator of the machine itself.

Using Advanced Tools and Classic Techniques

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