Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking

c-c-woodworking-naples-flWelcome to C&C Woodworking, the premier wood fabrication and design company in Naples, Florida. Here we’ve mastered more than the complicated craft of woodworking; we’ve mastered the art of turning the ordinary into art. Our expertise allows us to step away from the everyday template in order to build your idea of perfection. The C&C Woodworking crew of skilled professionals will make you think that a room is more than just four walls and roof. Our commitment and attention to the finer details like intricate millwork, moulding, and detailing can only be found in one place… Through these doors.

A Sixth Sense For Excellence

Creative decorative woodworkingThe C&C Woodworking crew has a keen eye for the fine details involved in their own interior design. Like a five-star chef that can taste what is missing from a dish, we can determine what the room is missing and we’ll know where to add the nails. The consistent growth of our wisdom has helped us become masters of the aesthetic as we give full devotion to every etching and trim. Our woodworking embodies the superior craftsmanship and design standard that we except to represent. We let our work speak for itself, both inside our facility and in your homes.

Words Can’t Capture Our Beauty

Custom Built Library and BookcasesBooks are metaphors for knowledge and power, a combination that longs for art and passion. C&C Woodworking believes bookcases should be looked at as more than a plank of wood. Instead, a bookcase should be perceived as another chance to improve your home. A custom bookcase gives you the potential to turn your storage into an extension of the home’s personality by adding a bit of character (perhaps one from your favorite novel). Bookcases provide so much more than just light reading; they carry fond memories of loved ones, and tremendous journeys both fictional and real. A custom bookcase adds to the atmosphere and beauty of your home while increasing its value.

Without a Kitchen It’s Just A Shelter

Custom Cabinets in this Naples KitchenA shelter is where you seek cover. A home is where the heart is and the fastest way to the heart is through the kitchen. The experts at C&C Woodworking believe for a kitchen to represent your heart it should be a showpiece. Many of the day’s best moments can be found in a kitchen, as well as the conversations and laughs. A room with such responsibility should be treated as such. C&C Woodworking wants to give you the ambiance that is most conducive to your sense of life. Each custom designed cabinet includes precise craftsmanship, elegant storage solutions, and breathtaking beauty that is designed with you in mind from the island to the countertop.

Make Yourself The Art

All custom woodworking in the Naples bathroomLooking into a mirror is like looking at a framed version of one’s self. It happens daily and it happens often within those days, so what better way to personalize your home than with a custom vanity mirror and sink? While you spend countless hours of your life grooming yourself to your liking enjoy the immaculate lines and clean style that C&C Woodworking can provide. With your needs in mind we can complete the look of any bathroom. Imagine waking up everyday and seeing yourself framed by some of the finest craftsmanship in your neighborhood. It won’t be hard to smile back.

No Skeletons in This Closet

Custom built closet and cabinetsYou look for the thread count when you buy new sheets. The fact that not all cotton is the same isn’t a new concept. All woods were not created equal and that’s why C&C Woodworking sticks to using superior materials. Especially when the job at hand is to house your personality with a closet. Our completely custom closets are designed to your precise specifications and exhibit elegance in woodworking. Let us transform your humdrum closet into a work of art with C&C Woodworking.

It Isn’t Magic. It’s Talent.

C & C Woodworking ShopHere’s where everything happens, The Workshop. We use machinery that is just as precise as our crew. It’s at these workbenches where we measure twice and cut once. Your custom pieces start here, and are painstakingly crafted to suit your exact specifications, then delivered and installed in your home or office by the professionals at C&C Woodworking. We pride ourselves on having a role during each step of the process, so you can pride yourself for choosing us.

Our Woodwork Is Comparable To Our Customer Care

At C&C Woodworking in Naples, Florida, we think the best time to recreate your image is with the New Year. In 2016, let us transform your home into the best it can be. Any proper room can keep you safe in a storm, but only a few can capture your heart. Are you interested in having the functional artwork that is Naples’ best woodworking in your home? Give us a call at (239) 643-0105 or visit us online at C and C Woodworking website. The only time we’ll put down our tools is to pick up your calls.