Tools of the Woodworking Trade

C and C Woodworking in Naples, Florida

At C & C Woodworking, we take pride in creating world-class moulding, millwork, and custom cabinetry.

While we achieve excellent results through skill, training, and experience, we also rely on the finest tools available…

Tools of the Trade: How C & C Creates Amazing Woodwork

  • SCM Router
    This tool helps us create excellent wood products by hollowing out areas of a wood face. The SCM router delivers precise edges and curves to your woodwork.
  • CR Onsurd Router
    C.R. Onsurd makes some of the most reliable machinery for woodworking, including top-quality inverted and CNC routers. Using this router, we can create highly-accurate and refined edges and shapes in your woodwork.
  • Striebig Panel Saw
    By cutting wood sheets into exact sizes, our panel saw helps us create top-quality items for your woodworking. Striebig panel saws can create pieces that are perfectly fit to your highly-specific needs.
  • Molders
    Woodworking molders are used to create practical and decorative edges in many different wood materials. We can use this tool to create a wide variety of designs and themes.
  • Shapers
    A woodworking shaper is similar to a router but serves a different purpose. This tool is used to make deeper cuts, resulting in faster cut times. It is often used for millwork on longer pieces.
  • Table Saws
    The classic table saw is an indispensable part of our tool collection. We use these tools to cut boards into exact shapes, and the tool can be adjusted to cut corner edges and angles.
  • Grinder
    When one of our tools has a dull, chipped, or nicked edge, we can use our grinder to fix them. This allows us to maintain high-quality tools that give you the best woodworking for your home.
  • William & Hussey Molder
    William & Hussey makes some of the finest woodworking materials available, including top-quality molders. We use our molders to create superior-quality edging and angles for a wide variety of designs.
  • JLT Door Clamp
    Door clamps are used to hold larger panels of wood, often the size and shape of a door (or an actual door), so we can use our tools to modify, paint, or finish the material. Whatever the final product or stage, JLT door clamps are an essential tool.
  • Delta Edge Sanders
    To create a perfect finish on a piece of wood, we first need to start with a high-quality sander like this tool from Delta Edge.
  • Buffering Optimat STO Wide Belt Sander
    This wide-belt sander allows us to quickly sand a piece of wood to the perfect smoothness. With the wider belt, we can cover a larger area in a shorter time.
  • Powermatic Shaper Molder PM2700
    The Powermatic Shaper Molder PM2700 is an essential part of our tool collection. We use this tool to create edges and finishes that meet the needs of many design themes.
  • Edge Bander – Brandt KD 56
    This tool lets us create edges on numerous pieces of wood in a consistent fashion. The table moves a panel through the tool in a smooth fashion for excellent results.
  • Shop Fox Planer
    The planer is used to make perfectly flat faces on wood panels. Wood can be inconsistent, so we use this planer to create perfectly-running planes across many wood products.
  • Walk in Spray Booth Units
    To give you the perfect final product with a consistent layer of paint or finish, we use our advanced walk-in spray booths.

Using Quality Tools to Create Excellent Woodwork

Contact C & C Woodworking today and let us use our tools to improve your home! With gorgeous molding and millwork, your home will look better than ever!