What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets in Naples, Florida


Kitchen cabinets are a little more complex than some people think. While finding the best-looking cabinetry is important, that’s only half the battle.

You also need cabinets made from the finest materials by experienced craftsmen. If you are looking for new kitchen cabinets, remember these tips when you go shopping…

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Look at the Paint and Finish

The paint and finish on your cabinets may be the most important part, especially if you are concerned with creating the best possible look for your kitchen. When you are buying custom kitchen cabinets, ask about the company’s painting department. What brands of paint do they use? What is their prep and painting process? How many coats do they apply? How do they seal the paint?

Every part and component should be given the royal treatment, delivering a quality product that looks great inside and out. This should include the drawer boxes, which should be sanded and sprayed with a clear coat on the inside and outside.

Look at the Inside of the Cabinets and Drawers

The cabinets may look fantastic, but how does it feel? Do the drawers roll out smoothly? Use your hands to feel around the drawer box on the edges, around the joints, and along the side walls. They should feel sanded and smooth, with no rough surfaces, splintering, or sharpness of any kind. Essentially, they should be finely sanded so they don’t feel like raw material.

The Type of Stock You Should Find

All of the shelves, no matter what their intended purpose, should be 3/4-inch stock, plywood, or MDF, which stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. While you may think you can get by with 1/2-inch board for the shelves, this thinner material will eventually break down and sag over time. In the long run, it pays to go with high-quality 3/4-inch shelving.

What’s the Material and Thickness of the Visible Board?

The exterior material of the board should be extremely-high quality too. For the outside box, the cabinet should have 3/4-inch plywood, pre-finished wood, or stainable board. Drawer box side walls can be 1/2-inch to save space and weight, but there must be dove-tail joints on all four corners with no staples or glue joints. The door frames should be solid wood, while the bottom of the drawers should be plywood, which better resists sagging. The frames should be solid wood, with no MDF or face frames, and the plywood should be used for durability on the back of the cabinet box.

The Final Touch: High-Quality Hardware

If everything looks right, you should take a thorough look at the cabinet’s hardware, including handles, hinges, and braces. The cabinet should have quality corner braces for long-lasting stability, and clean hardware on the drawers and doors. It is always good to have self-closing drawers and doors, and there should be no duck-walking or wobbling in the opening. Adjustable self-closing hinges are always preferred, and full-extension glides should be used for better storage. All cabinets should be screwed together, and no staples should be used.

Get Quality Kitchen Cabinets from C & C Woodworking!

At C & C Woodworking, we use the highest standards for all of our products. When you have custom cabinets built from us, you’ll get soft-closing hinges, solid maple boxes with dove-tail joints, drawers that can receive a clear finish in the inside and out, and soft-close drawer slides.

Contact us today and let us help you get amazing cabinets to complete your kitchen!


Tools of the Woodworking Trade

C and C Woodworking in Naples, Florida

At C & C Woodworking, we take pride in creating world-class moulding, millwork, and custom cabinetry.

While we achieve excellent results through skill, training, and experience, we also rely on the finest tools available…

Tools of the Trade: How C & C Creates Amazing Woodwork

  • SCM Router
    This tool helps us create excellent wood products by hollowing out areas of a wood face. The SCM router delivers precise edges and curves to your woodwork.
  • CR Onsurd Router
    C.R. Onsurd makes some of the most reliable machinery for woodworking, including top-quality inverted and CNC routers. Using this router, we can create highly-accurate and refined edges and shapes in your woodwork.
  • Striebig Panel Saw
    By cutting wood sheets into exact sizes, our panel saw helps us create top-quality items for your woodworking. Striebig panel saws can create pieces that are perfectly fit to your highly-specific needs.
  • Molders
    Woodworking molders are used to create practical and decorative edges in many different wood materials. We can use this tool to create a wide variety of designs and themes.
  • Shapers
    A woodworking shaper is similar to a router but serves a different purpose. This tool is used to make deeper cuts, resulting in faster cut times. It is often used for millwork on longer pieces.
  • Table Saws
    The classic table saw is an indispensable part of our tool collection. We use these tools to cut boards into exact shapes, and the tool can be adjusted to cut corner edges and angles.
  • Grinder
    When one of our tools has a dull, chipped, or nicked edge, we can use our grinder to fix them. This allows us to maintain high-quality tools that give you the best woodworking for your home.
  • William & Hussey Molder
    William & Hussey makes some of the finest woodworking materials available, including top-quality molders. We use our molders to create superior-quality edging and angles for a wide variety of designs.
  • JLT Door Clamp
    Door clamps are used to hold larger panels of wood, often the size and shape of a door (or an actual door), so we can use our tools to modify, paint, or finish the material. Whatever the final product or stage, JLT door clamps are an essential tool.
  • Delta Edge Sanders
    To create a perfect finish on a piece of wood, we first need to start with a high-quality sander like this tool from Delta Edge.
  • Buffering Optimat STO Wide Belt Sander
    This wide-belt sander allows us to quickly sand a piece of wood to the perfect smoothness. With the wider belt, we can cover a larger area in a shorter time.
  • Powermatic Shaper Molder PM2700
    The Powermatic Shaper Molder PM2700 is an essential part of our tool collection. We use this tool to create edges and finishes that meet the needs of many design themes.
  • Edge Bander – Brandt KD 56
    This tool lets us create edges on numerous pieces of wood in a consistent fashion. The table moves a panel through the tool in a smooth fashion for excellent results.
  • Shop Fox Planer
    The planer is used to make perfectly flat faces on wood panels. Wood can be inconsistent, so we use this planer to create perfectly-running planes across many wood products.
  • Walk in Spray Booth Units
    To give you the perfect final product with a consistent layer of paint or finish, we use our advanced walk-in spray booths.

Using Quality Tools to Create Excellent Woodwork

Contact C & C Woodworking today and let us use our tools to improve your home! With gorgeous molding and millwork, your home will look better than ever!

Create a New Home Feeling by Remodeling

Remodel - Renovate your kitchen or bathroom

It’s A Change Of Space – Not A Change Of Place

We live in a world where if you don’t like something… you change it, or better yet, you have C&C Woodworking renovate it. Transform your home or office space by changing the woodworking in a room or throughout your home. You do not have to settle for the kitchen cabinets that your home’s previous owner installed!  Actually you don’t even have to agree with your own past decorating choices, especially if the 2016 version of you now prefers a different interior design style. With the help of C&C Woodworking’s highly experienced designers, craftsmen and their state-of-the-art facility you can update your kitchen, bathroom or any other room to match your current vision of splendor.

Transformation through a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen should be more than a room where food is stored. It should pay homage to food and when you walk in you should feel inspired to entertain and serve a feast. The professionals at C&C Woodworking have a way of filling a room with pride whenever they demonstrate their expertise. Their craftsmanship offers limitless options since every design is custom crafted for you and for that particular space or room. Contract C&C Woodworking to convert a traditional kitchen to a professional grade cooking area or if you have decided to go from contemporary to a more classic design. Their architectural designers can optimize your kitchen’s space to make room for any needed cabinetry, storage or cooking surface. The finishing touch to a beautifully designed kitchen is a themed transition from room to room. You will create value when you introduce moulding and custom woodwork which skillfully joins the rooms in your house to express a consistent theme.

A Great Start to Every Day with a Bathroom Remodel

C&C Woodworking understands that your days are full and busy. You deserve a peaceful sanctuary to unwind. A bathroom remodel could be what you need to rejuvenate the start and the finish to your day. Walk into the splendor you have always envisioned by having an architectural designer reconstruct the space available in your bathroom. Start with a custom built vanity with cabinetry which suits your every need, add millwork to enclose a bathtub or shower and complete your vision with custom moulding throughout the room.  Your design would not be complete without the dream closet. A designer and the craftsmen at C&C Woodworking can convert an unorganized closet system into a place that maximizes the use of space.

Attention to Detail – Custom Woodworking Expertise

The level of personal attention we offer to your vision of woodworking is unparalleled. In fact, the entire process from our consultation to our installation is designed around delivering you a product that exceeds your every expectation. Your home should feel the way you want it to. With C&C Woodworking, we make that possible.

If you want to add custom cabinetry to your space or place, call C&C Woodworking at (239) 643-0105


Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking

c-c-woodworking-naples-flWelcome to C&C Woodworking, the premier wood fabrication and design company in Naples, Florida. Here we’ve mastered more than the complicated craft of woodworking; we’ve mastered the art of turning the ordinary into art. Our expertise allows us to step away from the everyday template in order to build your idea of perfection. The C&C Woodworking crew of skilled professionals will make you think that a room is more than just four walls and roof. Our commitment and attention to the finer details like intricate millwork, moulding, and detailing can only be found in one place… Through these doors.

A Sixth Sense For Excellence

Creative decorative woodworkingThe C&C Woodworking crew has a keen eye for the fine details involved in their own interior design. Like a five-star chef that can taste what is missing from a dish, we can determine what the room is missing and we’ll know where to add the nails. The consistent growth of our wisdom has helped us become masters of the aesthetic as we give full devotion to every etching and trim. Our woodworking embodies the superior craftsmanship and design standard that we except to represent. We let our work speak for itself, both inside our facility and in your homes.

Words Can’t Capture Our Beauty

Custom Built Library and BookcasesBooks are metaphors for knowledge and power, a combination that longs for art and passion. C&C Woodworking believes bookcases should be looked at as more than a plank of wood. Instead, a bookcase should be perceived as another chance to improve your home. A custom bookcase gives you the potential to turn your storage into an extension of the home’s personality by adding a bit of character (perhaps one from your favorite novel). Bookcases provide so much more than just light reading; they carry fond memories of loved ones, and tremendous journeys both fictional and real. A custom bookcase adds to the atmosphere and beauty of your home while increasing its value.

Without a Kitchen It’s Just A Shelter

Custom Cabinets in this Naples KitchenA shelter is where you seek cover. A home is where the heart is and the fastest way to the heart is through the kitchen. The experts at C&C Woodworking believe for a kitchen to represent your heart it should be a showpiece. Many of the day’s best moments can be found in a kitchen, as well as the conversations and laughs. A room with such responsibility should be treated as such. C&C Woodworking wants to give you the ambiance that is most conducive to your sense of life. Each custom designed cabinet includes precise craftsmanship, elegant storage solutions, and breathtaking beauty that is designed with you in mind from the island to the countertop.

Make Yourself The Art

All custom woodworking in the Naples bathroomLooking into a mirror is like looking at a framed version of one’s self. It happens daily and it happens often within those days, so what better way to personalize your home than with a custom vanity mirror and sink? While you spend countless hours of your life grooming yourself to your liking enjoy the immaculate lines and clean style that C&C Woodworking can provide. With your needs in mind we can complete the look of any bathroom. Imagine waking up everyday and seeing yourself framed by some of the finest craftsmanship in your neighborhood. It won’t be hard to smile back.

No Skeletons in This Closet

Custom built closet and cabinetsYou look for the thread count when you buy new sheets. The fact that not all cotton is the same isn’t a new concept. All woods were not created equal and that’s why C&C Woodworking sticks to using superior materials. Especially when the job at hand is to house your personality with a closet. Our completely custom closets are designed to your precise specifications and exhibit elegance in woodworking. Let us transform your humdrum closet into a work of art with C&C Woodworking.

It Isn’t Magic. It’s Talent.

C & C Woodworking ShopHere’s where everything happens, The Workshop. We use machinery that is just as precise as our crew. It’s at these workbenches where we measure twice and cut once. Your custom pieces start here, and are painstakingly crafted to suit your exact specifications, then delivered and installed in your home or office by the professionals at C&C Woodworking. We pride ourselves on having a role during each step of the process, so you can pride yourself for choosing us.

Our Woodwork Is Comparable To Our Customer Care

At C&C Woodworking in Naples, Florida, we think the best time to recreate your image is with the New Year. In 2016, let us transform your home into the best it can be. Any proper room can keep you safe in a storm, but only a few can capture your heart. Are you interested in having the functional artwork that is Naples’ best woodworking in your home? Give us a call at (239) 643-0105 or visit us online at C and C Woodworking website. The only time we’ll put down our tools is to pick up your calls.

Holiday Home Improvement with Custom Woodworking

Whether you’re looking for superb artisanal custom cabinets or bold moulding, C&C Woodworking can help you improve your home for the holidays in distinctive and elegant ways. The professionals at C&C Woodworking are dedicated to assuring a new and transforming look to your space or place in the form of custom cabinetry, incredible millwork, and graceful moulding to name just a few.

The 12 Ways of Holiday Home Improvement with C&C Woodworking

Custom Cabinetry
Dovetail Moulding
French Trim
Wooden Doors
Golden Columns
Elegant Baseboards
Striking Wainscot
Crown Moulding
Lasting Impressions
An Exquisite  Home

This holiday season, get the gift that gives for a lifetime, a beautifully updated home. Call C&C Woodworking for your next custom cabinet , moulding or millwork project at 239.643.0105.

Custom Cabinetry Adds Distinction to Your Home

Your personalized space should feel how you want it to. With our custom cabinetry and woodworking, any space can be transformed to convey warmth, beauty, and distinction. Custom cabinetry will make your house truly feel like a home. Whether it’s a unique bookshelf, or a contemporary kitchen, you should have the features you deserve.

Custom Woodworking by Skilled Professionals

custom-designed-kitchenYour home should be a work of art, with a personalized theme to match your custom specifications and lifestyle. Your artistic vision is not limited to what you see on typical homes, you are afforded complete creative control. At C&C  Woodworking your project is built in our state-of-the-art facility. We make sure that the quality of your cabinetry is unparalleled. Not only is your project handled by a team of skilled woodworking professionals, but it’s handled with laser precision, graceful artistry, and clean aesthetics.

Custom Cabinets Suited to Your Home

Custom woodworking is truly a versatile field. The master craftsmen at C&C Woodworking hone their abilities on the most incredible pieces of woodworking in Naples, Florida. At C&C Woodworking, we create visual masterpieces that perfectly match the vision you have for your space. Whether it’s a perfectly milled display case or an exquisite bathroom suite, your custom cabinetry is in the capable hands of professionals.

Cabinetry Created From the Highest Quality of Wood

Using our finest quality woods, we can transform a cookie-cutter kitchen cabinet suite to an elegant suite of custom cabinets that can evoke a warm rustic countryside feeling or a modern and contemporary design. Our craftsmen can do it all, ranging from inviting and warm, to sophisticated and modern. The vision for your space will be created to your exact specifications by woodworking artisans.

Custom Cabinets to Fit Your Space

At C&C Woodworking, we design, create, and craft custom cabinetry and more for Naples, Florida’s most exclusive clients. We redesign single pieces, entire rooms, or indeed, entire homes, and our craft is displayed with pride by the most demanding and discerning clientele. You may wonder why custom cabinetry or woodworking is so highly sought after. The cookie cutter designs from furniture and department stores simply do not convey the same level of unique style.

Attention to Detail – Your Custom Woodworking

The level of personal attention we offer to your vision of woodworking is unparalleled. In fact, the entire process from our consultation to our installation is designed around delivering you a product that exceeds your every expectation. Your home should feel the way you want it to. With C&C Woodworking, we make that possible.

If you want to add custom cabinetry to your space or place, call C&C Woodworking at (239) 643-0105


C&C Woodworking Talks History and Innovation in Tools

C&C Woodworking wants you to know that woodworking is possibly the single-most important skill in the history of civilization.

No, we aren’t just saying that.

You could argue that farming and animal domestication were more important, but without basic woodworking, we would not have had tools to till the land, train the animals, and build fences to maintain our livestock. We also wouldn’t have had the shelter to keep us safe.

Woodworking and woodworking tools helped shape civilization, and it’s a universal skill that is still used today. While the tools, purpose, and techniques have changed, woodworking remains an important part of our shared history…

The History of Woodworking Tools

Woodworking is old. There is strong evidence that wood was the first material used by ancient man, as early as four million years ago. While the first wooden tool was probably a simple stick, we eventually used tools to shape and carve the wood to our desire.

Woodworking is universal. There is no civilization on the planet that hasn’t used wood in some form or another. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, and everyone else made wood a central building material for their society.

Woodworking is versatile. Throughout the ages, wood has been used for nearly every purpose you can think of. It has been used in transportation, housing, weaponry, eating utensils, furniture, clothing, and more.

There’s no doubt that woodworking is important to history, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the right tools.

Essential Tools Throughout History

While there are thousands, if not millions of different tools that have been created, we can identify a few basic tools that have been essential for centuries, as well as a few that have made woodworking more efficient since their invention.

The hammer and nail is one of the most obvious woodworking tools. Both have evolved alongside each other, and each has remained an essential part of the woodworking process. While wooden nails were used for years, metal nails are now the staple of the industry. By the early 20th century, the round-headed nail that we all know was invented.

Chisels have been used for centuries to accurately modify wood. They can be built in many different shapes to give the wood a rounded edge, a straight angle, or a decorative design. Chisels were used by many civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians.

The plane is another important woodworking tool, especially for skilled woodworkers creating hand-crafted pieces. The plane is essentially a sharp metal blade encased in a holding box, often made of wood. These tools are found in ancient Roman ruins, but they remain important for woodworkers today.

Major Breakthroughs in Woodworking Tools

Throughout the years, there have been many important innovations in woodworking. Ironically enough, one of the most recent and innovative tools is the CNC Routing Machine. In fact, we put one of the best CNC Machines to work at our shop in Naples, Florida. There are too many to list in one article, but we’d like to point out a few that we find interesting. First of all, the first sawmill was built in 1663 in a site near England. Although they didn’t have a major impact for decades, this advancement allowed woodworkers to get wood materials in the correct size and shape for their needs.

The circular saw, another major advancement, was first invented by Sam Miller in 1777. Although the use of a rotating saw blade was used for years, the British patent names Miller as the creator of the machine itself.

Using Advanced Tools and Classic Techniques

If you want top-quality woodwork and molding for your home, contact C&C Woodworking today.

We use the best techniques, drawing from the entire history of woodworking to create custom results for your home.